Great Smoky Mountain National Park- What to Know Before You Go

Our trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was awesome! Very tiring, but awesome! We spent only the weekend here but managed to get some sweet hikes in. As this was our first time ever visiting this park, we learned a lot of what to do and what not to do for our next trip someday. Here’s what I’d like to share with you:

  1. The park is HUGE: This is a gigantic national park, the largest I’ve ever visited. It spans across two states-Tennessee and North Carolina. Because it’s so expansive, expect to drive from site to site for anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 or 3 hours! I know, right. This was unusual to me but, like I said it is huge. Just don’t be disappointed if you only have time to make it to 2 or 3 sites/trails a day.
Nate and I at the Chimney Tops Trail

2. You’ll be driving through mountains, so plan accordingly: Hairpin turns resulting in nausea, anyone? Oh yea GSMNP has got ’em. I’ve experienced worse-but if you’re one to get car sick easily I would take some nausea medication before starting your day. Also-make sure you’ve got a good and reliable car to get you up and down all those mountain roads. They’ll take a toll on the transmission and brakes for sure!

Behind Laurel Falls

3. No Internet service: Because you’re in the mountains, expect to get zero internet service. No internet service means you can’t just whip out your phone to look up a trail and how to get there. Grab a map at the visitor center, and be sure to look up as much as you can online before hitting up the park for where all you want to go and how to get there.

So lush

4. Avoid a holiday weekend in the summer at all costs: Nate and I went to the most visited national park on Labor Day weekend. Don’t be like Nate and I. It was PACKED. The visitor center, the roads, the parking spaces, the more well-known trails were totally crowded. Try going during shoulder season on a non-holiday weekend or during the week.

Cooling off in the crick

5. There is no shuttle service: Some parks offer a shuttle service but this park was not one of them. This results in the parking spaces being taken up quickly so either avoid the popular trails and sights, or get there early people!

Sunshine makes me happy

7. Carve out a few days to visit the area: Not only is the park huge with so many appealing trails to go on, but the tourist towns surrounding it -Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg- are filled with sooo many attractions. It was overwhelming even to me and I don’t get overwhelmed easily. I’ve been to touristy spots like Las Vegas and Branson, MO but this place takes the cake with being just riddled with retail shops, attractions, amusement parks, restaurants, and countless other activities to take part in. You could easily spend a week or two in the park as well as these two towns experiencing all the fun.

Nice view ❤

7. Beware of the bears: We didn’t see any bears on our visit but they DO live here. I don’t want to scare you, but I personally wouldn’t go on any trails alone here. On the plus side, there are little to no bugs here. I would still advise wearing bug spray for ticks, though.

So serene

8. Strenuous trails are not for the weak: At GSMNP, when they say strenuous-they mean it, y’all! I like to think Nate and I are in pretty good shape but a couple of these trails completely wiped us out and we were drenched in sweat pretty much the whole weekend of hiking! If you’re up for the challenge, then go for it but avoid anything labeled strenuous if you’re not regularly working out.

Rainbow falls with the love of my life

We had a great time at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We learned so much and we will definitely be back another time!


4 responses to “Great Smoky Mountain National Park- What to Know Before You Go”

  1. Thanks for all the great information and advice about your latest trip. I was there years ago and my most vivid memory was my parents picking up cornmeal and my mom making delicious cornbread once we got home. I did also travel through it in the mid 80s when I resided in Charlotte NC. Good to know the advice about no cell service because now most people expect to have it. Do they give out paper maps for trails etc?


    1. Hey Mr. Pavek, they do give out maps but I would research as much as you can ahead of time online so you don’t spend a good portion of your day navigating through the park! 🙂


  2. This area looks really beautiful. I have never been to the smokey mountain. I love the waterfalls. So that would be wonderful to see. What is the elevation? How long are the hicking trails? Hope to visit here someday.


    1. It was so scenic! I am not sure of the elevation, It was high up but it definitely didn’t affect me like the Rockies did no where close. There are so many hiking trails to explore some are very long some are short and sweet they’ve got something there for everyone!


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