7 Places to Grab Custard in Milwaukee

Ah, custard. Don’t call it ice cream-’cause it ain’t! It’s essentially the same thing, the only difference being custard is made with an extra ingredient-eggs. That’s what makes it more creamy and ultimately BETTER than ice cream. And, being in the land of dairy and all, Milwaukee has some pretty sweet spots with some amazing frozen custard. Each spot also serves delicious burgers and fries but that’s another blog post for another day, folks. You can also go to their websites and find out what their ‘Flavor of the Day’ is and they usually give you a month forecast. See below for the 7 spots I go to for some yummy treats!

NUMBER ONE: Oscars Waukesha, West Allis We go to the one in West Allis usually but both serve equally yummy treats. They have handmade waffle cones here, too, and if you catch them at the time of the day they’re making them the whole restaurant is filled with an amazing cookie aroma!

Come to me, Butter Pecan

NUMBER TWO: Kopp’s Glendale, Greenfield, Brookfield You can find a Kopp’s at a few areas in Milwaukee but I highly suggest you hit up either Glendale or Greenfield to snag some custard because of their…unique neat patio areas. That’s vague, so go find out for yourself!

Chasing waterfalls. And custard.

NUMBER THREE: Leon’s Greenfield This place has been around since the ’40s-whoa! Their flavors are uber rich and so damn good.

Triple stacked!

NUMBER FOUR: Culver’s all over the midwest Culver’s started in Baraboo, WI, about 2 hours from Milwaukee, but now you can find one all over the city as well as around the midwest.

Mint + Chocolate = D E V O U R M E N T

NUMBER FIVE: Murf’s Waukesha, Brookfield The custard here is delicious. If it wasn’t it certainly wouldn’t have made my list. But what I really love about this place is that their dining room has that 80s/90s look.

Murf’s in Waukesha

NUMBER SIX: Gille’s Milwaukee Beware-this place offers massive servings of custard. I mean huge. Now that you’ve been warned you must also know that this is the OLDEST custard stand in Milwaukee!

Pronounced ‘Gill-eez’

NUMBER SEVEN: Big Deal Burgers & Custard West Allis Last to make the cut is Big Deal. A newcomer in the Milwaukee area but they do not disappoint!

Yummy custard at Big Deal

There you have the best custard in Milwaukee. Grab the flavor of the day and don’t forget your Lactaid!


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