Our Trip to Cape Cod

Ah, Cape Cod. So classic and timeless. I have to admit that it wasn’t somewhere high up on my list until an opportunity came up to go with Nate’s family. It was on this trip that I has my first ever oceanic beach experience! Keep reading to see what else we did while here:

Activities in cape Cod

  1. Provincetown for a day: Provincetown is way up on that little curly cue of the island of Cape Cod. We drove out there for a day and walked around the busy sidewalks for some shopping and lunch. There’s all kinds of cute shops and eateries and a boardwalk called MacMillan Pier.
MacMillan Pier in Provincetown

2. Expedition Wyhdah Pirate Museum: If you didn’t visit a shipwreck museum, did you even go to Cape Cod? The answer is no. This is right on MacMillan Pier in Provincetown as well and it is filled with all kinds of artifacts and information on this shipwreck and pirates.

3. Coast Guard Beach: We hit up this beach one afternoon during our vacation. It was huge and popular and the tide was just right when we went. There was a parking structure close by and a shuttle that took us right down to the beach and picked us up to leave, too. This was my very first time in the ocean and I loved it! I’d say I chose a good beach to have that experience at.

Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod

4. Cape Cod Rail Trail: This is a an exercise trail of any kind including walking, biking, running, etc. We drove to Cape Cod so we were able to load up all of our bikes and hit the trail. This is part of a state park technically and it goes for miles along Cape Cod, taking you through different towns. It’s safe, clean, and good exercise-I highly recommend!

Biker Babes ❤

5. A Ferry Ride to Martha’s Vineyard: We took the short ride to Martha’s Vineyard one morning on the ferry. This was a first time on a ferry for me! The boat was huge and made me a little nauseous, but the ride was so quick it was like getting on and getting back off again.

The ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard.

6. John Belushi’s Grave: This is also on Martha’s Vineyard in Abel Hill Cemetary. It is a little difficult to find, but keep looking-you won’t want to mss it because how cool is it to see a celebrity’s grave site!

7. Aquinnah Cliffs: Another site on Martha’s Vineyard are these cliffs over the ocean. There are some short trails to walk and a lighthouse in this area as well.

Aquinnah Cliffs on Martha’s Vineyard

Where we ate on Cape Cod:

The Squealing Pig: Provincetown This was a nice place to stop at for lunch while in Provincetown with the whole family. There are many places to choose to eat in this area but their food was delicious!

Orleans Waterfront Inn & Restaurant: Orleans Nate and I snuck away for a date night one evening. Obviously, we were looking for some place classy and romantic but still somewhat casual. This restaurant hit all those requirements, especially with their nice balcony overlooking the water.

JT’s Seafood Restaurant: Brewster Fried fish, anyone? This restaurant has it all from burgers to lobster rolls and an array of fried foods. It was a great place to go to with the whole family as there was something for everyone. It was clean and casual with a nice patio to sit out on.


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